About LightStep

At LightStep, our mission is to deliver confidence at scale for those who develop, operate, and rely upon today’s powerful software applications. Try LightStep's interactive sandbox where you can debug an iOS error or resolve a performance regression in less than 10 minutes: https://lightstep.com/play

Our Values

We believe that we should always align our actions towards a common purpose; that trust is paramount and must be cultivated; that the most valuable team members multiply rather than add; and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, except when we’re writing long run-on sentences about our values. We believe that assembling and retaining an inclusive and diverse team is the best way to grow a successful company.

Our Story

Our founding team witnessed the birth of microservices at Google. That experience guides our understanding of their benefits, and it also informs our understanding of their risks and pitfalls. We created LightStep because we understand the massive architectural transformation underway in the software industry, and we saw an opportunity to accelerate it, all while improving the quality of the developer and end-user experience. While we learned a great deal from our experiences building Dapper (Google’s distributed tracing solution) and Monarch (Google’s high-availability metrics solution), LightStep is in many ways a reaction to and a generational improvement beyond those approaches. Our story as individuals and as a company revolves around continuous learning, careful listening, and the belief that these fundamentally new software architectures require fundamentally new solutions.